Monday, July 18, 2011

A visit to the berry patch

This weekend we decided to take Hayden to our local fruit and berry patch to pick some blackberries and peaches (he loves both.)  He was very excited to go get "black. berries" (he makes it onto two words ;) 

It was a great time.  Days like this I just step back and look at my precious little (growing) family and am SO thankful to be so wonderfully blessed.


I was so bummed the focus was off on the pic to the right below.  I wanted that shot (focus was supposed to be on the blackberry) but I have a very busy two year old who was not interesting in being still for mommy to take photos!!!  I kept the photo anyways ;)
Oh soooo yummy!

With our yummy blackberries I wanted to make a cobbler.  I just made a quick and easy one with a store bought cobbler mix because well, this pregnant (and very fatigued) mommy is all about "easy" these days! :)

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