Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hayden's $25 Craigslist Dresser: From Drab to Nautical Fab!

Finally!!!!  I got this dresser months and months ago and it's finally finished!  I found this ugly old dresser on Craigslist and got it for a steal at just $25!

Of course, it needed a lot of help....it had about 4 or 5 different kids of hardware on it and the top had some water damage on the right corner.  We worked hard on it and put a new top on it....
We added some trim to cover the edges...
used some wood filler and did some sanding and priming.  I didn't get a pic of the dresser primed but I used the grey gripper primer. 
Then, we painted it a navy color in satin.  It was very hard to find the right navy color.  I wanted something dark but not purple-ish or so dark that it looked black.  I started off with one color in a different brand of paint and a semi-gloss finish.  After several coats, I decided I hated the color and the sheen.  I chose a different navy and finish and used Valspar hi-def paint (our new FAV paint, we will never use another paint!!!)  The color is called Victory Blue and it's an Olympic color but we got it in the Valspar (literally THE only true one-coat paint I have ever used, it covers amazingly!! Have you seen the commercial where they used red paint to cover the black and white stripes?  That's this paint!!)  Anyhoo, we painted one coat of that color in satin and added the hardware.  We had to drill new holes for the six smaller drawers so that took a little time.  I added some brushed nickel hardware, I thought it went great with the navy as well as the nautical decor I am doing in Hayden's 'big boy room.' 
Anyway, here is the finished product!  I'm pretty happy with it myself!

Sorry for the not-so-great after pics....I had to take them in our partially-finished bonus room and it wasn't working out too well....

(the color variation in this corner of the photo is just from my jacked-up image, it does not look like this in real life!)

So, I sort of lost track of how much I spent total on everything but I would bet that I spent around $75 including the paint, primer and hardware (and the original $25 for the dresser.)  For less than $100 I got a great (solid, real wood) dresser for Hayden's new room!  Beats this smaller (and, in my opinion, less cute) dresser from Land of Nod for $799!

(source: Land of Nod)

Here is a before & after :)
I can't wait to see how it looks in his room once we get everything done in there (which, who knows how long that will be!) 

p.s. I'm linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party!

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  1. That turned out amazing! A classy piece, for sure!

  2. It looks great! I'm a new follower. :)

  3. Excellent job. There is a used furniture store on Facebook called Junque in the Trunk, the owner buys old worn out pieces like you have done and restyles them in paint. She really has some unique painting features with two tones of color on one piece. You wouldn't think it works but ohhhh does it ever. Keep up the wonderful inspiration.

  4. Amazing work! Love the dresser repurposed..... You have an artist's imagination!


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