Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Christmas Trees

Here is a look at our Christmas trees this year.  I am posting from my parents house so I just have some quick images of the trees, nothing detailed but enough for a quick post.  :)

This is our little tree in the new bonus room.  It was our first tree from when we rented and didn't have room for a larger tree.  It's a little sad and spindly, but I tried to dress it up a bit.  It is decorated in silver and white with ornaments from the Dollar Tree and things I got on clearance after Christmas last year.  I always try to keep it frugal with Christmas decorating since it is only up for a few weeks out of the year (but I still try to make it pretty!)
In this view from our living room, you can see both of our trees.  I love this view!
This is our 'big' tree in the living room decorated in red and gold.  I positioned it in front of a window so that passers-by could see our tree from the road.  :)
(When I get home, I plan to post about how you can get your Christmas tree to sparkle and glow in pictures!  It's really easy and makes such a big difference!)
And these are a few 'trees' we have in the entry-way (they are clearance finds from JC Penney one year.)
We do have one more tree in the house (Hayden's) but I didn't get any pictures of it before we left on our trip.  The poor thing looks a little sad since Hayden has re-arranged it several times and has thrown toys into it, etc...  Funny because he doesn't touch my big trees.  I have them decorated with glass ornaments and never had a problem with him grabbing them.  I wonder if baby Ava will be just as 'friendly' with my ornaments?  ;) 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!

p.s. I am linking up to Sarah's Christmas Tree Party! (late...)

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  1. ur living room view is fab...n love the trees...

  2. Your trees are gorgeous! I say, the more trees, the better. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Very beautiful your blog many congratulations for your work I leave an embrace of friendship you


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