Friday, August 20, 2010

Cupcake creations ;)

So, I am a cupcake-a-holic! I absolutely love them! My mom recently gave me a this lovely cupcake cookbook so that I could go crazy trying new recipes. And since my mom is here this weekend (yipee!) I decided that we should make some together! We made two different kinds (mocha with whipped cream and raspberry almond.) The raspberry almond were my fave, although they were more like muffins than 'cupcakes.' The mocha ones turned out a little dense, which was probably something I did wrong as baking is really not my forté. *wink* I think they still tasted okay, just not as fluffy as I would have preferred.
I took lots of pics along the way. Here are a few :)

My kitchen looked a little like a tornado went through after we were finished...
Our first batch, the raspberry almonds :)
The mocha with whipped cream :)


  1. um, these look beautiful....and YUM! I would eat many of them.

    also, great pics:)!

  2. Thank you! We had lots of fun making AND eating them! :)

  3. I want one!!!! Or one of each, lol!


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