Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day Blues

Today I am doing something I haven't done in a long some pictures of my little man (albeit random pictures taken over the past couple of months, but pictures nonetheless... :)  I've been slacking in that area lately but today I really need a reason to smile.  Note: This is a bit of random pictures with random thoughts mixed in along the way....sorry if this post seems negative, I like to keep my blog a happy place but I guess I've just had a bit of a bad day (don't we all get those sometimes?)

(4th of July)

Sometimes it's hard for me to let go of things that people say or do.  I tend to let my frustration 'fester.'

(stealing uncle Brandon's food at The Cheesecake Factory.)

Then I have to remind myself of what is truly important and how blessed I am and it helps (some.)  ha!
Because the truth is, petty things that bother me just don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

(wearing at least 5 pair of underwear at once...)

  If something tragic happened to me, I would not care that someone upset me the day before.  So, I just have to count my blessings and remind myself not to sweat the small stuff because it doesn't really matter!

I also need to get better at this forgiveness thing.  When I am hurt, I find it so hard to forgive and I hold grudges.  I know that it's wrong and I can't expect God to forgive me when I can't forgive others so I really need to work on that. 

We all have our flaws and these are a few of mine.  I am trying to work on them to be a better friend, mother, wife, daughter and all-around person.  In spite of my flaws, I am blessed with some wonderful friends who put up with me and my 'stuff' as well as my wonderful hubby who is more than patient and understanding with me.  He is the one person I can rely on to always be in my corner.

All photos taken by Kristen (blog author) unless otherwise stated. Do not copy/save or print without permission. Thank you!

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