Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Pregnancy Brain"

Pregnancy Brain.  It is a strange phenomenon but is it just a myth?  I personally used to think so but since being pregnant this time, I am a believer!

Mostly associated with menory loss, 'pregnancy brain' is also described as a brain fog.  For me, both memory loss and just a general fog have been part of every day life lately.  It's frustrating because I have not been the most dependable person lately but "pregnancy brain" just doesn't seem like a plausible excuse.   I just feel even more stupid telling someone the reason I forgot to return their call was because I'm pregnant.  So, I just resolve myself to letting people think I am an idiot.  I don't return calls, forget to reply to messages/emails, forget about nursery duty, etc...  I literally can't remember anything. 

Then, there's just the 'brain fart' episodes where I make ridiculous mistakes like, not adding butter to the pan when making scrambled eggs (which I quickly remembered as soon as they started sticking to the pan), letting Hayden go to nursery with pee on his shirt instead of taking it off when I noticed he had gotten it on his shirt (I didn't pack an extra) or not using the provided shower cap when getting a spray tan (I guess I was trying to tan my hair as well.)  Or the worst one (and maybe most embarassing), forgetting to pay the credit card bill last month which we have never missed a single payment the entire 6 years we have been married.  I almost cried because I'm somewhat obsessed with making sure we have excellent credit but that's neither here nor there...I'm heading off on a rabbit trail...
The things I listed may seem trivial or funny to some, but they're somewhat worrysome to me.  I keep wondering what would happen if I had to administer medicine to Hayden or if I were to completely forget something important.  I just hope this little pregnacy induced brain fog gets better soon so I can't stop being the most scatter-brained person ever! 

I am also beginning to wonder if this whole 'pregnancy brain' can be transferred to spouses?  Jeff is complaining of similar symptoms lately and says that he is forgetting how to play (drums at church) to very familiar songs, etc.  I mean, he did gain weight with me in my last pregnancy, maybe this is what he is joining me in this time around?  ;)

So, what about you?  Do you think pregnacy brain is just a myth?  Or do you have a fun story or examples of how pregnancy brain affected you (or someone you are close to?)  Leave a comment! 

p.s. sorry for the post slacking lately, we have a LOT going on at our house right now and are in the middle of adding a bonus room.  I can't wait to show it to you and show you some decorating ideas I have for the room!

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