Monday, May 14, 2012

Gallery Wall

I have been wanting to do this project for quite a while but I was waiting until we re-painted and added the board & batten wainscotting first (that's a whole other post.)  Anyway, we finally did and I got to do my gallery wall.  It was a perfect wall display for a picture-lover like me! 
First, I printed several of my fav images in b&w (for cohesiveness.)  Then, I went to (grimace) WalMart and got a bunch of their super cheap wooden frames (like $3 for an 8x10 cheap!)  If you are looking for quality, those frames are not for you but if you are needing lots of frames and can't afford to spend a couple hundred bucks, they are a great option!  Anyway, I would suggest first choosing what sizes you would like to hang and then buying the frames and prints.  I kinda did things backwards ;) 
Then I used my usual template method for hanging my display.  Only this time, I took a short cut and used the papers that come in the frames as templates instead of cutting ones to the size of the frames.  I would not recommend this since it doesn't give accurate dimensions of the frame size. 
Anyway, I hung the paper and re-arranged it until I got them how I wanted.

(sorry for the super terrible picture...)
Then I hung the frames where I had the templates.  I had to re-adjust a few due to my little 'short cut.' 
I like how it turned out though I wish I would have spaced them out a bit more (yet another consequence of my 'short cut.')  I may spread them out if I have some free time to burn one day...but for now they are staying. 
I love looking at this wall now, especially with the b&b wainscotting.  I was so tired of the display I had up for the past 4 years so this is a nice change :)

Here is a cell phone pic from a bit further away.  The paint color looks darker and bluer in this pic...just ignore that.
It also looks like I need to spead them out on the left end but it doesn't look like that from straight on.  I may still mess with it. 
I hope to post about the changes we have made to the living room soon but I need to finish some decorating.  There are still some things I would like to do in there. :)

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