Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1/2 a year

So...my baby girl is 6 months old.  I can't believe it!  It's amazing to me how fast time flies after the baby is born but seems to crawl when you are pregnant.  As much as I hate to admit it, my baby is growing into a big girl.  She is sitting up, eating solid foods, talking baby talk and getting sweeter by the minute! 
Speaking of solids, here is a look at her trying her very first food for the first time, avacado!  Believe it or not, she really does like it now even though she made some pretty crazy faces the first time ;) I waited till she was 'officially' 6 months to start solids and so far we have tried avacado, banana, sweet potatoes and peaches.  I make all of her food but I haven't made a huge batch yet since most of it is stuff that doesn't freeze well and mashes easily.  She didn't like the bananas but I think it was the texture.  And the peaches, I have just added them to oatmeal and sweet potatoes so she hasn't had them by themselves yet.   

Daddy giving her the first bite of avacado...

The reaction...
Ha!  And here is big brother trying his hand at feeding her

I just love the way he loves her :)  Melts my heart. 

So baby girl is about 15 1/2 lbs of pure preciousness.  I honestly cannot get enough of her.  I can't even remember how life was without her.  She fits so perfectly into our little family. 

(she refuses to smile for me whenever the camera is in front of my face. It drives me CRAZY!)

But she makes the cutest faces....

And she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen.

Idea I saw on pinterest (where else?)

Ok, there's a little smile. 
Daddy got that one out of her and usually when I take her pictures he isn't home, so I have tons of pictures of her not smiling...

like this

I had no idea the wonderful gift we were in for when they told us we were having a little girl.  It was so hard for me to imagine loving another child and looking back I think, what a silly thought!  I am so in love with this girl, more than I ever could have even imagined!!!  I tell people that she is the 'perfect baby.'  I'm really not exaggerating, she is wonderful.  I also say that she makes me want 20 babies.  If I knew that every baby I had would be just like her, I probably would have that many (well, maybe not since I'm not a huge fan of being pregnant and they grow up and turn into ornry 3 year olds....)

She's always happy and easy to please.  She looooooves to sleep (girl after my own heart) and when it's time for bed (or nap) I just lay her down, turn her sound machine on and she is good to go. If she does fuss, it's just for a few seconds, literally, and then she is asleep.  If she really cries, I know she is needing to eat some more or she just isn't sleepy.  And she does love her mama.  She doesn't really like for me to be out of sight during the day, or out of 'touch' rather....she likes to be held.  But, I don't mind it :)  There are times when it is inconvenient because I am trying to get things done but I just put her in the carrier and continue on.  I stay home with my kids to be there for them, not clean and do other things so if she wants to be held, I will hold her.  Soon she will be a busy toddler and she won't want me to hold her.  I cherish these days.  There isn't a day that goes by I don't consider myself the luckiest woman in the whole universe for getting to be this little girl's mommy. 


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  1. Love the photos!! She is just adorable!! I love her hair!!!

    And that was the same reaction Vince had to avocados!

    1. Thank you :) I love her hair, too! She was born with a head full of it and I love it :p

  2. I LOVE all of your photos! What type of lens do your normally use? I have a Canon 60D with the 18-135 that came on it and I'm looking to get an upgrade soon. I'm looking for recommendations from the pros. ;)


    1. Hey, thanks! I use a 50mm 1.4 portrait lens. I highly recommend that for people wanting to upgrade their kit lenses!

  3. That's crazy -- That's the same exact one that I've had my eye on! You just sold me. ;) Thanks!


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