Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Fall" around our house part 2

So, I went out last night and got some more fall supplies! I think I am making up for not really doing much in the way of decorating last year. I guess I wasn't very motivated since I had a new baby occupying my time ;) Here are a couple pics of the new additions...

I found some pumpkins!!! I was waaaay too excited when I spotted them at the grocery store ;)

Added some wreaths to the outside of the front windows...
Too much? ;)
The inspiration from the two previous images came from this photo. My hubby called it 'intense.' Ha!
Another exciting thing that happened today was I received the new lens that I ordered last week. I am beyond excited!
My new glass!


  1. never too much!!:)

    great portrait lens!!

  2. It's gonna take me a bit to get used to the fixed 50mm, though! I keep trying to zoom in or out ;)

  3. nice!!

    You will fall in love with that lens ;)


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