Thursday, September 23, 2010

"What's in Your Bag?"

Hey guys! I am linking up with Roo and her "What's in Your Bag?" blog party at Nice Girl Notes. Let me start off by saying that I did not 'stage' my bag before doing this (as tempting as it was to do so...) I just grabbed it off my vanity seat in the bedroom, unloaded everything & started taking pics! The contents of my bag varies day to day. Today wasn't anything too interesting, weird or random. But it's not unusual for me to have a snack container filled with animal crackers, a paci, random toy or even a sippy cup in my bag. Today, you can't even really tell I'm a mom from the contents of my bag :( (Except for the massive amount of junk in it...and the pictures, of course.) Ahhh yes, the pictures. I keep a bunch of 'em in my wallet so I can whip them out & brag on my little guy but he is usually with me so I hardly ever take them out. Kinda sad. Anyway, enough of that. Here is what's in my bag. Don't judge ;)

First, this is the pile of trash that was in there! (And this is not including the junk in my zipper compartment, but that has 'girly' stuff in it & I didn't want to embarrass any guys that happen to stumble across this blog (or myself for that matter) so I did. not. go. there.)
And here it is...all piled up on top of my bag!
And just for kicks, here is an itemized list of the contents of above picture:
Checkbook (that I NEVER use aside from bill-paying--which is done from home and I hardly even use it there since most of our bills are auto-drafted, yet I insist on carrying it 'just in case.') wallet, spiffy new handheld video camera, cell phone, deodorant (what? I'm a heavy sweater.) Midol ('nuf said) tanning goggles, keys, V.S. lotion (Heavenly-one of my hubby's fave scents. I wore it on our wedding day.) pens, lip gloss (a must, I literally panic when I swap purses & forget to throw a couple in the bag i carry that day. I probably have like 30 tubes of the stuff) cash (I almost never have cash & when I do, it is gone in no time!) hand sanitizer (another must) bobby pins and sunglasses.

The pics that I carry in my wallet...



  1. :), love all of those wallet pics!!

  2. Thanks :) Me too, I just wish I got them out more. Poor things just stay stashed away in my wallet all forgotten & stuff...

  3. Now that is a lot of pictures! I used to carry a ton of them when my boys were little. Now I just carry all their stuff! LOL

  4. I love that you carry a million pictures in your bag! I have zero! Maybe just a fuzzy one on my phone.

    I need to start carrying deodorant with me. I have a horror story about accidentally swapping deodorant sticks with my little brother... who used his to store pot. Anyway, that's for another time.

    I spy some Sephora, and I feel the need to tell you that I *love* Sephora.

  5. Roo, the deodorant story sounds like a good one for your blog...just sayin'
    I love Sephora too! I also love those little lipglosses :)

  6. I love all of your pictures and how you laid them out!

  7. Your enV is eggzacklee the phone I had before I downsized to the basic of basic phones. I never needed the camera and video and I didn't like the keyboard texting guy (too hard to text with both hands while driving. j/k maybe). I also love that you have tons of family photos in your bag.

  8. Thanks, guys :) Glad my photos were such a hit with everyone. I am a little obsessed with pictures (in case you can't tell...)

  9. I have a lot of pics in my purse too! I used to have tanning goggles but I haven't been able to tan since the car fiasco so i hope to carry them soon!


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