Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tennessee Valley Fair

The fair is in town! We took Hayden to his very first fair last night & it was a blast! Basically it was all about Hayden and we wouldn't have had it any other way. We took him on rides, showed him all the pretty lights and let him feed/pet the animals. We took about 70 pics (are you surprised?) but I will only post my faves on here :)

He loves animals. He just reached in and petted this baby camel
He fed them so good! He didn't even try to eat the lil kibbles like I thought he would!
Hayden thought it was funny that I was gonna kiss the mule ;)

He got to ride some of the kiddie rides as long as one of us rode with him (and paid tickets.) I didn't really consider this when we bought 20 tickets thinking that they would go a long way...so, a ride for 3 tickets was 6 (=$6) But he had fun, so that's all that matters. Who needs groceries, right? ;)
His favorite ride was this whale one he rode with daddy. He got a little mad when it was over & he had to get off :-/
I get the "Worst Mother of the Year" award for this! *wink* (No really, I do.) We gave him a lil bite of the fried snickers. I think he just got a small bite of the batter, though. Makes me feel a little better...a little.
If this looks strange to you, it should! This is a doughnut burger (NO, I did not order this!) Some man ahead of me in line did & was kind enough to let me take a picture of this heart attack lovely treat. Oh, and did I mention they were also selling fried butter??? By they way, the man who got this 'burger' said it was delicious. I must admit, I am a little curious to try one now...

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