Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in Indiana

I know this post is a little late...but better late that never, right?  ;)
Since a picture is worth a thousand words (and I have a ton of pics!) I will mostly let them speak for themselves and due to the sheer number of photos, I made collages so that this post isn't ridiculously long! (Since there were SO many pics, I did little to no editing except converting some to b&w so most of these are straight out of the ol' camera.) 

We'll start with cookie-making on Christmas Eve...
Hayden was supposed to 'decorate' one and ate all the icing (and most of the cookie) and was pretty wired for the rest of the night!  :p
Next is presents on Christmas morning...
I took a million more pics that morning, but I'll spare you  ;)

Got out for some fun in the snow...
Played a rousing game of "Bezzerwizzer" (me & Jeff lost.)
One night we went to "Incredible Pizza Co." for's kinda like Chuck E Cheese on steroids ;)
They had all kinds of stuff for kids young and old (and adults too) but we were mostly there for little man.  Although, I had hoped to ride the go-carts with Jeff but wasn't able to...I was not too happy about that  :-( 
We also went to the Children's Museum.  Hayden had a blast!
Hayden even had his own 'big boy room' at my parents house!  They made such a cute room for him and he loved it!
He did really well sleeping in the toddler bed even though he is still in a crib at home.  We just had to teach him that he was not allowed to get out of bed when it was time to go to sleep.  He was such a big boy!
I'm so glad that he got to spend some time with my parents.  It was nice having some extra time there and not having to rush back home right after Christmas.  We have been back home for a week and are getting back into our routines.  (And I am still working on un-packing and getting everything put away!) 
I'm thankful for a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas with family.  We are so blessed :)

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