Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Time...

Well, maybe not time for 'big-boy underwear' just yet but close  :)  It's definitely potty-training time at our house!  I never really thought I would be potty training my son at 19 months since you always hear how hard it is to train boys.  Well, a couple weeks ago, Hayden started telling us when he had to go "#2" (or poo-poo, as he calls it.)   So, when he tells us we put him on his little potty and he goes.  Sometimes he is like the boy who cried wolf and tells us when he doesn't really have to go (like when he is in time-out or we are on a 6 1/2 hr road trip and he is tired of being in his carseat.) 
Now...he is doing things a little backwards and is still peeing in his diaper so we have to work on that.  So far, he has only told us once that he had to pee but we haven't really been working on it either since we were out of town and with the holidays.  But, now that we are back home and in our routines, I am going to try to get going on the peeing in the potty too!  I think we are gonna do some naked days (shouldn't be too bad since we have wood floors and he already has the poop part down ;)  At least that is what I tell myself...I can't imagine it being fun letting my toddler run around naked and possibly peeing everywhere.  hmmmmm.
Anyway, when we were in Indiana, my mom got him a couple pairs of underwear
...and today we tried them on  :)
...along with his new hat that just happened to match the red & black pair...

He liked them  ;)

Although, I think they are a little big... 

And I think we will now be spending lots of time with this guy...

I was bribing Hayden with candy (organic gummy bears with vitamin there such a thing as 'healthy candy?' probably not but at least its not as junky as the other stuff...)  haha!  Anyway, since I was bribing him with "tsdee tsdee" (as he calls it...very hard to spell it the way he pronounces it) I managed to capture some cute images of him in his little hat 
That face absolutely melts my heart (sigh)

Oh, and I didn't forget about a post to re-cap our Christmas, I just have to find the time.  It's going to be lengthy so I think I will have to wait till everyone is in bed to do that one!


  1. Too cute! Andrew has been telling us when he has to go "#2" and I tried to sit him on his potty (he has the same one) this past week and he freaked out. So maybe he's not ready. :) I just love the adorable big boy undies!!! And the pics are GREAT!

  2. Adorable! Good luck with the potty training and take lots of notes. I'll need tips one day.


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