Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Mom" tat...

I wanted to make some V-day cards of my little man, but it's tricky to do boy-ish Valentine stuff!  Everyting is pink and hearts, etc...  Well, I decided to get him a temporary tattoo that says "mom" and just go with a heartbreaker look.  Today we had a little photo shoot with his new 'tattoo' and he was looking pretty handsome if I do say so  :)
Here are a few...

I love this one of him looking at it...
He kept saying "pretty."  It was too cute.


  1. Sooo adorable! I love this! I may have to copy off of you. My favorite is the first one of him looking like a little tough guy. :)

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!?! How awesome are these photos! I always joke about giving my boys i heart mom tats....HAHA I LOVE THIS!

  3. Vic, you are so sweet. I told a lady on fb that if he wanted to get a real "Mom" tat one day, I would be fine with it! haha! The cutest part was that he really did love it (I like to think it's because it said "mom.") ;)


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