Friday, March 4, 2011


That's what Hayden calls letters.  He has had a recent fascination with the letters of the alphabet lately and has learned all of them.  (He doesn't sing the ABC's, but he can recognize and say them all by sight.)  It's adorable. 

This is his favorite book...

He then went into some sort of silly frenzy and attacked the book ;)
He keeps me entertained all day long.  I don't need t.v. I have an adorable, silly toddler :p

I have a video of him doing some alphabet flashcards on my Facebook page and I wanted to upload it here as well but the video is HD and a huge file so it would have taken an eternity to upload on here (as it did on FB.) 

I've missed my little blog lately, I have been busy with some other things one of which is the 365 Project.  I am having a blast with this new little project.  It's so fun and inspiring and I don't feel like I am competing with anyone, it's just a friendly community of people who love photography.  Have a looksy if you like, I have only been on the project for 6 days, but I'm moving along towards my goal :)  I am still trying to figure out how to link it up to my blog home page but you can click the link above for now ;)

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