Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 Ingredient Chocolate Muffins

Ever since I made these, I have wanted to try it with chocolate cake mix.  So when my mom came to visit this last time, she brought goodies (like she always does) which included a chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  I decided last night (when I was having sweet cravings) that today I was going to make muffins with it and add some white chocolate chips we had leftover from some cookies we made.  They turned out super yummy!  And, they are a healthier choice than regular cake since they have pumpkin in place of the oil and other ingredients.  (Pumpkin is a great superfood!)  Also, I should note that I couldn't actually taste the pumpkin in these muffins.  But, the pumpkin did give them a thicker, moist consistency perfect for muffins and also made them healthier :) 

Here's all you need....
(like my slightly damaged clearance cake mix box? ;)  My mom is a bargain hunter, that's where I got it from! 
Combine the pumpkin and cake mix, then add as many white choc. chips as you like!  The batter will be thick.  I actually added a little milk this time so that the batter would be a little easier to work with. 

Just ignore my ugly old muffin pan.  It's served me well ;)
Ahhh, yummy goodness :)  Great with a glass of milk!

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  1. Delish! Have you every tried using a cake mix for cookies? It's excellent!


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