Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Collins Family (lifestyle photos)

My friend Allison asked me to take some lifestyle pictures of her and her family and I happily agreed!  I will admit that I am definitely out of my 'comfort zone' when people ask me to take posed pictures of their family.  I struggle to come up with ideas and it just feels somewhat un-natural to me. I so enjoy shooting people just being themselves.  It takes the pressure off both me and the people I am photographing and makes for some beautiful images!  Today I got to hang out with the Collins family and took some shots along the way.  We had a fun time, I hope they love the photos!  You can just feel the love in these images!

p.s. I kinda went overboard on the 'sneak peak' but there were so many that I loved!

What a little beauty
Color!  :)
Putting her "B" on the tree
Lastly, this one "just for fun"  :)

All photos taken by Kristen (blog author) unless otherwise stated. Do not copy/save or print without permission. Thank you!

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