Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling Sentimental

Yesterday I came accross a very sad story.  Someone on Twitter had linked to a blog of a mother who had just lost her 22 month old son in a tragic accident.  I read the blog post where the mother told the story of what happened to her baby and it was one of the saddest things I have ever read.  It hit close to home since the baby was just 3 months older than Hayden.  I cannot imagine her pain and all I could do was pray that the Lord would give her a peace that only He can give.  Today, she posted a slideshow with pictures of his little life.  I just sat and cried as I looked at photos of this beautiful little boy who's life had been cut way too short.  I felt my heart breaking as I wondered how a mother could handle so much pain and anguish.  Today, she had to bury her precious, beautiful son but praise God that one day she will see him again (from what I gather from her blog, she is a Christian.)  What a wonderful day that will be for this mother! 
I try to learn from stories like this.  I try to get something out of it other than a broken heart.  I want to remember that we have no guarantees in this life.  I could lose my baby tomorrow, so I will make the most of today.  I will savour every precious moment I have with him, even if he is whining and crying.  I will be that crazy, overprotective mommy that everyone rolls their eyes at.  No, I can't protect him from everything but as his mommy, it's my job to protect him the best I can.  And I will thank God for every day that He gives me with my precious baby and be grateful that I am able to be home with him every day. 
Lately, I have come to realize just how true the title of this little blog really is.  I really am blessed beyond measure.  But may I, like this mother who just lost her son, be able to praise Him in the bad times as well which is when our faith is really tested. 

{I was camera-stalking my baby during his lunch today  ;)  Another thing I tell myself is that you can never have too many photos because they are precious memories.}

Mommies: hug, kiss and squueze your babies every chance you get!  They are such a wonderful gift!

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