Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let the Festivities Begin!

Since we planned to leave for Indiana on Thursday, we celebrated Christmas here in Knoxville this week.  Tuesday, we celebrated with Jeff's family at his mom's house.  That's where Hayden got to open his first Christmas gift of the season! 
He got a pj's and a pillow pet from Mamaw.
Playing peek-a-boo with his hat (and wearing daddy's new tie)  :p

Jeff recieved a mysterious gift from his brother Ray...

First of all, let me just say that this little guy did not come home with us! 
Jeff's niece noticed a box moving under the tree and asked my mother in law about it but she didn't give it much thought.  We all had a big laugh about this interesting gift. 
Mamaw Judy got all the kids pj's and they all decided to change into them after they opened them.  I got a quick pic of all of them in their new pj's.
Look at my handsome little man in his monkey pj's  ;)

Wednesday we had Christmas at our house.  After dinner, we let Hayden open his gifts from us and Jeff and I opened ours to each other.  Hayden was very excited about all his new stuff!
First, he spotted his gift from "Santa." 

Side note:  You'll have to excuse the bad terrible quality of the pics, it was dark and we have really poor lighting in the living room thanks to the 'night light' in the ceiling fan I purchased for this room.  I refuse to use flash.  Ever.  And my little enrty-level DSLR just doesn't have the capability to handle such dimly lit coniditions (guess I need to upgrade;)   Wow, that was a long explanation.  I guess the fact is that I am just embarassed of the quality of these pics.  There, I said it. 

Anyhoo, back to what "Santa" brought Hayden...
I told Jeff I don't really think it's fair that Santa gets credit for stuff unless he sends me some money :p
Opening some more presents

Love this little Crayola toy, but I hope he doesn't now think that he can color on all his toys...
Hayden with all of his gifts from mommy & daddy (and Santa.)
He was so excited I think he could have played with his toys all night.  When he finally did go to bed, he wanted to bring his pillow pet & sock monkey
Oh, and look what Santa brought me!

You know you're an adult (or someone that takes a bazillion pictures) when you ask for stuff like this for Christmas... ha!

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