Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Home Tour

So, the Nester is having an awesome Christmas Tour of Homes linky party and I just had to link up!  A lot of these photos are from my previous posts, but there are a couple newbies and I will probably add a little to this later since I am not 'done' but my impatience got the best of me (as usual.)  I didn't go all-out this year since I don't have tons of Christmas decor and this SAHM is on a budget!  ;)  I am, however, looking forward to hitting some day-after-Christmas sales with my mom this year and hoping to score some great stuff for next year!!!
Here is some of our home for Christmas...
Starting with the front door  :)  My DIY mossy wreath (which is getting featured on Polly Want a Crafter 12/16/10!)
Next is the enrty table...
I did pretty much the same thing last year except this year I added a wreath above the table and I love it!

Next is the dining room complete with my DIY cardholder...

I added a little Christmas cheer to the chandelier...
And to the candle holders...  (you can find the post on both of those here)
This is all I managed to do in the kitchen  :p

And of course the trees...

 My little man has a tree for his room and I staged this little photo of him sleeping in front of the tree.  I will cherish it for years to come!
The changing table/hutch in Hayden's room...

Some gifts are already under the tree.  A decision I regret since I failed to realize that my son would be very curious about them!  ;)
A little centerpiece for the ottoman that doubles as a coffee table...
please excuse the crappy/grainy was DARK and my camera did not like the high ISO setting  :)
I wanted to put some glittery acorns in the tray, but I did not have any tonight, so the ornaments will do for now.
The vase is filled with a yummy smelling scented mixture of pinecones and such...
And of course a bokeh tree photo!
I did a little in our room...basically, I just hung this wreath and put some 'snow' in my little mini vases  ;)

As you can see, I didn't bother to clean the baby handprints off my mirror before I hung it  :p
Here is the link to the Tour of Homes party!  There are lots of homes to look at, so be prepared to stay a while if you decide to browse around!  :)


  1. I saw this on nester yesterday, and was hoping to you would link up! Your home is festive and beautiful!!

  2. Ha! Victoria, you know I love a good linky party. :p A lot of those homes & their decor put me to SHAME, but I linked up anyway ;)

  3. WOW! Girl, you are amazing!! And the pic of your son asleep in front of the Christmas tree is SO precious!


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