Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Budget Friendly Christmas Decor :)

So, this year I am trying to keep my spending on Christmas decor to a minimum so I will have more to spend on my favorite little boy.  :)  I used mostly what I already had but wanted to do a couple different things this year.  Like with my set of candle holders that I got a few years ago.  They came with these hideous white ball candles.
Lovely, aren't they?  I don't know why it never occured to me to get something different...
But this year, I decided I wanted some faux cranberries (or any red berries) instead of the ugly candles.  Well, the faux cranberries were not easy to find and I was getting impatient (as usual.)  So, I decided to go with real cranberries.  I'm not sure if they will last until Christmas but they seem to be holding up ok so far.  And at $2 a bag, I can afford to change them out if I need to.  I'm glad I decided to go with the real ones since faux cranberries probably would not have been cheap.  I love how much better these look now  :)
Best $2 I ever spent  :)  Well...maybe.  haha!
Ok, so that brings me to budget-friendly item #2!
I loved the wreath on my chandelier for fall so much that I wanted to do one for Christmas, too.  I had planned on buying a small, artificial wreath for it, but...today I had an idea when I was looking outside at the rain.  :)  We have Cypress trees at the back of our property that the builders planted when they built the house.  They have grown quite big and I saw them towering above my fence and thought, I could totally cut some branches off those and make my own little wreath.  So, I put my rainboots & hoodie on, grabbed some scissors (couldn't find the pruning shears) and went out back to cut me some greenery! 

I fashioned a little wreath out of some branches & wire and added it to my chandelier.  I piled on more greenery till I thought it looked ok, but it needed some color so I got out the ol' glue gun & added some of my leftover cranberries :) 
Me likey  :) 
The best part about this wreath is that it was FREE!  yay  :p
And...just for kicks...here are a couple pics I took of my little cutie yesterday.  He was being an angel and actually cooperated while I took his photos!  I was overjoyed! 
(He was showing me his 'ear.')

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  1. Great idea! I think your photography skills are getting better and better! Those pics of your little man are really beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I definitely noticed a big difference when I started using manual :)
    I keep looking for a new post from you about the move although I know things are a little hectic right now for you! ;)

  3. LOVE these! I am all about DIY stuff right now...I think your blog has inspired me. :) And it's always nice to get decor at little or no cost! Christmas decor is definitely something I don't have a ton of and want to get more of. I am going to look for candle holders when I get home!

  4. Very cute! I love how you used all fresh real items! I really love the chandilier too! Great job!


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