Saturday, November 20, 2010

Round 2!

Ok, I have a problem.  Not sure if you would call it perfectionism or just crazy, but I obsess over things if I think they are not 'just so.'  Like for instance, if I re-decorate or re-arrange something in the house, I will not rest if I think something is 'off' about it.  It drives me insane because I can't just let it go.  I have to keep messing with it until I am satisfied.  Sometimes it means staying up half the night, making an extra trip (or two or three...) to the store, having Jeff help, searching on the internet for hours, whatever it takes.  Well, the same applied to our Christmas card photos this year.  I was so upset about Hayden not cooperating and our outfits not really matching that I decided I had to re-do them.  So, I set out to find new outfits for all of us and begged my sweet friend Taryn to take them.  She happily agreed (being the sweet soul that she is) and I was excited to have a second chance at our family photos. 
Um....the only thing that went better this time was the outfit situation (we coordinated better this time.)  Hayden on the other hand...was in no mood for pics...again.  Taryn was trying desperately to make him laugh, smile, look at the camera, etc. but he was very resistant!  We did, however,  manage to get a few where he was not crying or flailing.  Here are a couple that I didn't use for the card, but turned out cute :)

As you can see...he was resisting in this one  ;)
(sigh) I know I'm a total nut, but I guess there are some things I will just have to let go of since being a mom.  One of them:  having perfect family photos  ;)

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  1. haha, that little mouth is too cute...and so determined!! I love that you took them again! So funny!


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