Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Reality of Family Photos with Children :)

So, I was pretty excited to do our family Christmas card photos today. My friend Candace, who is a photographer, and I decided to do a little 'trading' and take each others family pictures so we met up at the park with our families for a little photo session. Sounds easy enough, right? ;)

I've been looking forward to doing these photos and spent a lot of time planning and purchasing our outfits, imagining how cute they would be and what our cards might look like this year. But, the reality of it was far different than I picured (isn't it always?) For starters, I was disappointed that my red scarf was not the same red as Hayden's shirt/vest and mine actually looked orange in comparison...of course I did not realize this until afterwards when I looked at the pictures. :) But, that was the least of my worries. Hayden was in no mood for pictures and was pretty uncooperative. He would not be still for 1 second so I could compose a half-way decent shot and refused to look at the camera and stop biting on his nail for the family shots. Poor Candace had the same issues with her little man not cooperating. We both quickly realized that this was not going to be an easy task, nor were we gonna get the shots we were hoping for. Thankfully, I think we both managed to get a couple where the kids aren't trying to escape or looking angry.

After Candace and her family left, I attempted to get some shots of Jeff & Hayden together and Hayden by himself. He let me get one or two of him with Jeff but the cutesy little sitting-nicely-and-smiling photos I had envisioned proved elusive. Hayden had made his mind up that he was not in the picture-taking mood (this had been a trend lately.) He was in the same 'mood' when we had his 18 month/Christmas pics as well as the Strasburg pictures.
Anyhoo, I guess that's life with a toddler ;) I'm posting a few 'out-takes' of some of the photos that won't be making their way onto our Christmas card this year. As for the ones that will, I am keeping those a surprise for our family and friends that will be receiving them in their mailboxes. :) So, make sure I have your address so you won't miss out on our little card this year <3 Out-takes from Scarbrough family Christmas pics:
Take one:

I look ridiculous but I was trying desperately to get him to look at the camera...
(Photo captured by Candace Wilson)

Take two:
Attempting to get him to cooperate for a family pic...
(Photo captured by Candace Wilson)

Take three:

Take four:
Not. interested. at. all.
(Photo captured by Candace Wilson)
Awe, it was fun times :p (Oh, and notice the difference in reds? Ugh, its killing me!) I may have to go black and white...hmmmm.

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  1. Yes, fun times!!! Remines me of the morning at the park for Dylan's and Kayla's fall pic's! lol! Actually, Hayden's vest looks more fuchsia (purple/pink color) in these pictures, your scarf looks more red than his on my computer. Love them anyways, can't wait to see your other pictures. Post after you send out your cards.


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