Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Blog Readers:

To my faithful 'followers' (all 17 of you!) and the ones that read it but aren't official followers ...shame, shame ;)
I have not been purposely neglecting my little blog. I had an unfortunate 'incident' with my beloved Mac. Long story short, it suffered some "moisture damage" and several letters (sort of need those) and my trackpad little mouse thingy do. not. work. *tears* SO, I scored a sweet deal on a laptop (PC) *more tears* at WalMart because I can't live without a laptop. I mean, I just can't. (You fellow SAHM's understand.) BUT, I don't yet have my beloved photo editing software installed on the new computer and I don't have a way of transferring my photos from the old computer even though I can still access/edit them on the old one. (Apparently not all flash drives are compatible with Mac and PC's?) I don't know, I am not a computer whiz, I just miss my blog and I can't bring myself to post without fun little pictures. I mean, who wants to read a blog with no pics? Not me.
I hope to be back in bloggy land soon. Miss me yet? ;)


  1. i have never heard of a pc and a mac not using the same flash drive. when i do mac to pc stuff it always works. try emailing your photos to yourself. i know i'm not a "follower" of you blog but i still like to read it!!!!

  2. I thought of that but several letters are not working on my keyboard and it's not 'q, x and z' it's like the letters you use in every word! I can't even enter my password to get on the internet :( Hence, my need for a new computer.


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