Monday, November 8, 2010

18 Months Young


18! I remember when I used to describe his age in days, then weeks, then single digit months months...soon I will need to start saying it in years (I think I'll do that when he turns two...I just can't bring myself to be the weirdo that says "he is 29 1/2 months.") I can't expect people to do that kinda math, plus I'm sure I would get some strange looks ;)
Back on the subject... I can't believe it has been a year and a half since I became a mother. Now that I am one, it's hard to remember life before I was! I can't imagine my life without that little boy. He makes every day bright. He can make me smile & laugh even on my worst days. There are so many things I love about him. ~how he gets the absolute biggest grin on his face when I start reading a book that he brought me to read to him.

~how he hugs me and feels sorry for me when I (fake) cry
~how he dances when he hears music that he likes
~how he has a cold mouth after he drinks his milk
~how he calls babies 'bobb-y'
~how he loves to imitate mommy & daddy
~how he loves to kiss the page on his favorite book "A Mother for Choco" that shows the Ms. Bear kissing Choco.
~how he says 'ball' when we pull into Target parking lot because he loves to slap the big, red 'balls' that they have near the entrance.
~how he smells in the morning (even if it is mixed with a slight pee smell...)
~how excited he gets when he sees 'daddy.'

Well, I could probably go on for years with that bit, but I'll spare you all ;) It's just that he has brought so much joy into our lives. And even though before you become a parent you know you will love your child, you don't realize just how great a love you will have for that child and how you will no longer really care about yourself but only protecting, loving and nurturing this little person. What an amazing gift God blessed us with!

Then there are days where I lose my patience and am not the mommy I should be. I don't like those days. I hope that I can be a better mommy every day because that little boy deserves the best mommy in the world.

And lately, he has been amazing me with how smart he is and how fast he learns. Here he is showing off a few of his 'body parts' that he has been learning.
"Belly Button"

Sorry again about the enormous pictures, I am still having issues re-sizing them once I upload them... :-/

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  1. just read this and it made me cry :) cuz you put into words so perfectly what it is to be a mommy. Isaac yells "ball!" too at target! Ha! I'm gonna come back here and re-read this when I've had a frustrating day with my lil man to remind me to be thankful cuz you're right- they grow up WAY to fast!


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