Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

Today I started putting up our Christmas decor!  Well, technically I started a couple days ago with my Christmas card holder but today was the day we put up the tree (which has yet to be decorated with ornaments) and got out all of our things from the garage.  I am using mostly things we already have this year since I got a bunch of new decorations a couple years ago but I have added a couple newcomers including my DIY wreath  ;) 
I had planned to finish pretty much all of the decorating today since Jeff had the day off, but I ended up sleeping in (I was up till about 4am last night) and being a little lazy early on in the day so we got a late start.  I guess we'll be finishing up tomorrow!  Anyway, here is a little bit of what I have done so far. 
I love changing the decor of this table in my entry each season.  I decided to hang my wreath from last year above the table and I really like the added touch! 

These canisters in the kitchen are normally filled with faux pears but I thought it would be fun to do ornaments ;)  They are a little bright and shiny but I just used what I had. 
More to come when I get the rest of the house finished as well as the tree!  I love Christmas time!!!

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