Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa's Workshop

...that's where I felt like I was tonight when I was wrapping, wrapping, wrapping!  Isn't it sad that we spend so much time wrapping presents and making them look pretty just to have them ripped open?  I think next year I will just throw everything in gift bags ;)  (I'm kidding, I like pretty presents!)
Anyway, I got red and gold paper to match my tree.  I didn't get any gold ribbon and kinda just used what I had with the red ribbon.  You can spend a small fortune on just wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and tags!  Oh tags...yeah, I didn't get any.  I don't like the random sticker ones with designs that don't match anything and the really pretty ones are expensive.  I didn't really find any that matched my color scheme anyway, so I have up.  I pretty much know who's is who's but I wrote on the backs of some with a Sharpie  ;) 
I really wish I would have gotten gold ribbon for the red paper...oh, well.
One for mom  :)
One for my other 'mom'  :)
Some for the little man (I tried to make them a little more 'kiddish.')  Is that even a word?  I make words up as I go along...
Little ornaments make great gift 'jewelry' like this little sleigh...
So far...I haven't shopped for Jeff yet and I have a couple gifts coming in the mail still.  Maybe I'll be done before Christmas!  ;)
Oh, and I think I might just throw a bow on Hayden's little Power Wheels quad, that's a bigg'n!


  1. everything is beautiful. and i'm sure you already know this but if you head to joann fabrics, michaels, and a few other places AFTER christmas (1-3 days after- the longer u wait the more they reduce the prices but then the more picked through stuff gets) they reduce their christmas wrap, ribbons, greenery, decorations, and EVERYTHING like 75-90% OFF!! i love to buy tons of stuff, put it away and then the next year when i'm unpacking my christmas stuff from the attic, its like...well, CHRISTMAS, opening all the new stuff i bought the previous year! ;)

  2. Thank you :) And yes, me & my mom already have plans to do some after-Christmas sale shopping, I CANNOT wait! We got some amazing deals a couple years ago. It's so fun to get that stuff dirt cheap!


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