Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Happenings

A little look at what we have been doing so far this fall season!

Adding some fall touches to the house...

Are those pink pumpkins not awesome?  My mom and I spotted them while at Kroger last week and she got a few for the house.  I LOVE them! 

hello cute, pink pumpkin! ;)
Call me crazy but I'm keeping some seeds from these guys in hopes that I will be able to grow some for next year...we shall see how that adventure goes!!!

Speaking of my mom, she surprised us with a visit this past wednesday!  The doorbell rang and there was a pumpkin sitting on my doormat.  Hayden was pretty excited about the pumpkin that came out of nowhere but then grandma came around the corner!  She stayed till Sunday and we had a great visit!

And of course it's not fall without some festive treats...

Mom brought a recipe for these pumpkin cheesecake bites so we had fun making (and eating) those!  Then sunday I made these chocolate covered marshmallows to share.  The hubs made quick work of the ones I kept!

Baby girl was loving the pink pumpkin atop the kitchen table, it was too cute. 

Now before you start thinking I'm a bad mommy leaving her on the table, you should know my mom was sitting right next to her in a chair, see? ;)

I just can't get enough of all things fall!  Got my fall-ish scented candles burning daily now, hope they last till after Thanksgiving when it's time to get out the Christmas stuff.  What?  Can't believe it's almost time for THAT! 

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