Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hayden's Nautical "Big Boy Room"

Well, Hayden finally got his big boy room (mostly) finished just in time for his 4th birthday! 

I have this thing for nautical anything, I just love it.  So I knew a long time ago that I wanted to re-do Hayden's room in a nautical style.  I tried not to get too carried away with the 'theme' but I'm not sure if I did a very good job of that or not ;)  I also tried to keep it little-boyish.  He is only 4 and I didn't want his room to look like a gallery or living room so I tried to incorporate little boy things as much as I could.  I'd say his room is like 98% done.  I would like to get some rectangle wire baskets for the top of his dresser and probably something to put in the red one on the top right shelf.  But, who knows how long it will take me to get those things.  I have had trouble finding wire baskets or if I do, they are outrageous. 

Anyway, the built-ins were made by hand by my wonderful hubby!  The window seat doubles as a toy box for added storage.  I love the built-ins and they turned out exactly how I wanted!   

His room is very small, so we had to make the most of every inch!  We could only fit a twin bed in there and I decided to put it up agains the wall and build it in to the shelving in order to save space.
The stripes on the bed wall are the same navy as the dresser in his room. We only striped that one wall because I thought it might be overwhelming in that small room to do the other walls.

On the opposite wall is his dresser, which you may remember was a craigslist find I got for $25 and Jeff and I refinished it.  I think his dresser is my fav piece of furniture in the whole house!

The bedding is a mixture of Pottery Barn Kids and a Tommy Hilfiger comforter I got at a consigment sale.  I adore those lobster sheets from PBK!  Definitely a splurge but I couldn't resist.  The rugby duvet cover is also from PBK but Target has almost exactly the same one for cheap but I couldn't find a twin size one online or in stores.  Would have loved to snag that look-a-like!
I decorated the shelves with things I've collected over the past couple years and also a few new things.  I wanted it to look age-appropriate but still stylish so I used a lot of his books, some blocks, a piggy bank, a few nautical knick-knacks and some storage bins for toys.

I need something for that red, wire basket...

Love these whale bookends, they are perfect for this little room :)

For the window seat (I totally wanted one as a kid) I covered a piece of foam with a bed sheet I cut and hot glued on ;)  The crab pillow on the left was made by a friend of mine who also made the fabric banner above his bed.  They both turned out so cute!! 

The wall treatment is 1 1/2 inch aspen hung horizontally and painted the same color as the wall.  While we were on vacation last year at the beach, we saw that wall treatment at our favorite home store there and I knew I wanted to re-create it in Hayden's room.  I love how it looks.  Of course the beadboard ceiling is leftover from the nursery:) Still one of my fav parts of the room.  Gives it so much character!!

I spent lots of time planning the style and decor of this room but my hubby worked even harder building everything and painting.  I tried to help paint but I leave the building up to him!  It turned out great and I am so proud that Jeff is so handy!  Our house would be in sad shape if it wasn't for all the custom touches he's done in there! 
So, we finally finished Hayden's room.  I hope he loves it.  We enjoyed creating it for him!

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