Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Good Old Days

 There's a quote from one of my favorite shows, The Office, where the character Andy says, "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."  This quote is so true for me.  I'm always looking forward to the next thing.  Getting a license, going to college, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, having another baby, etc..  I feel like I hardly enjoy the moment I'm in because I'm always looking ahead to what's next. 
 *these photos are sort of random but they're just from an ordinary day at home with my kiddos :)

When I was in college, I literally could not wait to graduate so I could get married and start a life with my hubby.  I complained about things, had a bad attitude about the rules or my school work and basically just looked forward to moving past that season of my life.  Not to say that I hated college because I didn't, but I also didn't cherish that time and enjoy it to the fullest.
  Now, I realize those were truly some of the very best years of my life.  The freedom of very little responsibility (I had no "job" besides occasionally babysitting and working on breaks while I was home,) living on campus with my friends and meeting/getting to know/building a relationship with the person that would become my husband.  We had so much fun and so many great days, I wish I would have realized what a wonderful time that was for us.
Now I'm in a different season of my life.

 I find myself sad that I am getting older and wondering how my twenties could have gone by so fast.  But I'm also realizing that I really am in "the good old days."  
 I have two precious babies that I get to spend my days with.  I also share this life with the best partner I could have ever dreamed of.  We have wonderful days, bad days, sad days, ok days, sick days and everything in-between but I wouldn't trade this life for anything in this universe.  I take so much for granted but I am beyond blessed and thankful for life with my little family.  No matter how many days we are blessed with together, it will never be enough.  
 They are growing faster than I thought possible and life is so 'busy' but I hope that I can slow down and cherish these days. 
 My best friends were over a couple weeks ago and one of them talked about how she knows these are the best days of her life.  Truly they are.  We are in the good old days.  (I need to remind myself of this on the bad days, when the kids are fighting all day and Ava Kate is screaming at the TOP of her lungs like she always does and I want to pull out all of my hair!) 

If you follow me in IG, you've already seen most of these pictures but I wanted to include some pictures from our "good old days" :)  


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