Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

My little heartbreaker wants to wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day! 

And what is Valentines Day without sweets? ;)

I made some raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes, yum!

As I write this, my sweet hubby is very sick with what may be the flu (they aren't really sure.)  He is now on meds so hopefully he is on the mend but pray that he gets well soon and that Hayden and I don't get it! 
Even though we are not having the most romantic Valentines Day ever, I am still so thankful for the wonderful life that God has blessed us with!  I am married to a wonderful man who has been my best friend almost from the moment we met and we have a beautiful, healthy little boy who is the joy of our lives!   Thank you Lord for blessing me with so much more than I deserve! 
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  1. I hope Jeff starts feeling better real soon. That is a really high fever, especially for an adult. Children are more inclined to run a higher fever, I think you eventually out grow it, so he must be really sick!!! I knew he was not feeling well when I saw he was not playing the drums yesterday. I knew you two would still make the best of today. But when you are in love, everyday is Valentine's Day!


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