Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 'sick house.'

Even though he woke up this morning with a fever, runny nose and cough, Hayden is in good spirits and has been eating and playing normally (and talking up a storm.) 
He has been playing with his Valentine's present.

I got him a book that has magnetic alphabet letters since he is showing an obsession interest in letters (wow-was.)  I never thought that I would be teaching my son letters at 20/21 months, but he started showing so much interest in them.  He knows and can recognize about half the letters in the alphabet so far.  Everywhere we go, he looks for letters that he recognizes and starts saying them (over and over.) 
I acutally am hoping to get him some alphabet flash cards but they didn't have them at the bookstore I was at, so I got the book instead.  I know this is the proud mama in me, but I just love that Hayden loves learning, it makes me so happy :) 

Well, me and Jeff are on Tamiflu (me as more of a preventative since I am the caretaker!)  So, hopefully our little family is on the mend.  This little guy seems to be dealing with his symptoms pretty well (so far...)  I hate to see my little guy sick :(

He always has to have "moke"

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