Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Window Turned Vintage Mirror

Ever since I got that old window you have been seeing on my mantel lately, I have envisioned turning it into an antique looking mirror for Ava's vintage inspired nursery.  Well, today I did just that!  It was a pretty easy project and I am happy with the outcome!  Can't wait to hang it in her nursery.

This is what I started off with.  My $10 vintage window.

Here's how I transformed the glass panels into old looking mirrors. 
First, I got me a can of this stuff :)
This stuff isn't cheap ($11.99 for a 6oz can) but I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby so that made it just over $7. 

I found this tutorial on how to apply and 'distress' the mirror finish.
I applied several thin coats of the paint to the back of the window. 
It's pretty easy to apply and dries quickly.  It's also pretty forgiving if you don't apply it perfectly evenly :)

At this point it was looking like a mirror!  I could have just left it like this and it would have been a cute mirror but since her room has a vintagey feel to it, I wanted to add some age to it :)

I started 'distressing' the mirror finish by following instructions found here.
It said to use a 50/50 water/vinegar mixture to spray on the paint and rub some of it off.  I use a homemade water vinegar solution to clean my countertops with (though its not 50/50) so I used that. 
 I would suggest working a small area at a time but I sprayed the whole thing and went back with a cloth and removed bits of the paint.

I just tried to keep it random but there was some that came off a little more than what I wanted!  It was ok though.
I got some of this stuff to apply to the spots where I scraped off the mirror finish to give it more of an antique look.
It's a gold leaf type finish.  I got a bronze color because I didn't want it to look yellow.  The package says to brush it on but I think it worked better to dab it on with a sponge.  I covered all the bare spots and let it dry. 
The finished product :)
Looks like a vintage mirror to me!
I can't wait to hang it above her dresser in the nursery!

P.S. Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful year!

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  1. This is lovely! I love how you added the gold tone to the distressed areas. It adds another layer of "vintage."

  2. can't wait to see it up on the wall! so talented!

  3. So cute! Its amazing the finishes you can get in a spray can these days :-)

  4. This is such an excellent idea. I will definitely be referring back to this someday when I'm feeling crafty. :) So glad I found your blog!

    Much love,

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  6. What could be more fun than doing your own decoration? It’s inspiring particularly if it’s for someone special. And who would have thought that a simple and old window can be turned into something beautiful? It can lighten up someone’s day!

    Anthony Blommel


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