Monday, August 19, 2013

18 Months!

Our baby girl turned 18months on Sunday.
While I can't believe how fast she has grown, I love this age.  She is the perfect mix of baby and little girl.
She's a stinker for sure and rotten to the core but she's also sweet as can be and we love her so much! 
 And because I can't think of a better way to tell all of the things she is doing's a little bullet list of some things about our girl:

Ava Kate 18 mos.

   ~says lots of words and puts two words together for small sentences like "all gone," "all done," or "oh no!"

   ~loves to give hugs and say "hug" while doing it

   ~LOVES is obsessed with animals and goes crazy when she sees them!

   ~loves baby dolls and is a great little "mommy" feeding them and wrapping them up in blankets.

   ~loves to sing the Goodnight song from Sprout (well...its more like the first two words and then "goodnight, goodnight, goodniiiiiiiiight.")

   ~adores her brother and laughs at almost anything he does.  

   ~loves her favorite stuffed lion "Judah" (daddy named him) and sleeps with him under her arm every night/nap.

   ~loves to sleep and sleeps in every morning (takes after her mommy!)

   ~loves shoes and is always finding a pair to put on 

   ~loves to beg for food from anyone who has it

   Does NOT like:

   ~getting her hair rinsed in the bathtub

   ~taking pictures :( 

   ~mommy leaving her in nursery at church 

   ~sitting in the shopping cart

   ~eating the same thing more than one day in a row, she likes variety! 

I took a few 18month pictures but she was less than cooperative for the most part.  I got a few but it was serious work!  

(trying to get away from daddy here.  She loves to run off when mommy is trying to take her picture :p)

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