Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Boy Stuff...

Not sure when this happened, but my baby has turned into a big boy. :( Although he is not walking on his own yet (which I am totally fine with and even kind-of like), I still feel like he is so grown up. He is learning new words, imitating us, giving kisses on command, giving hugs (mostly to Victoria a.k.a. his girlfriend) getting more teeth (slowly but surely) and even getting a little attitude to test mommy and daddy with every now and then. A new word that he is currently working on is 'thank you' which I think is hilarious! He likes to pick things up & give them to us lately so I started saying 'thank you' whenever he did. And when he took it back (Indian giver) I would say 'thank you' for him. Well, while my parents were here this past weekend, he started saying something that sounded a lot like 'thank you' whenever we would say it to him. It is so funny & usually just sounds like 'gikyoo' or 'ditu' but still so cute! I also get kisses now when I ask for them (of course they are wide open-mouth kisses, but kisses nonetheless.) He also loves to imitate especially if we make sound effects. He will make (or try to) the same sound that we make. He thinks it is so funny. :) Even though I am sad to see my 'baby' slowly fading away, Hayden is turning into the sweetest little boy that it's hard to be sad about that! He is so loving and affectionate, not to mention just plain silly that I can't get enough of this kid! Every month that goes by, I say he is at 'my favorite age.' Can't wait to see what cuteness he will be up to next!


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