Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Day :)

I didn't get to see my dad today, watch him open a card & gift from us or take him out to lunch. Sadly, I miss out on some things living 6 hours from home. But I did call him and I sent him his gift (of course, I sent it late so he won't be getting it till tomorrow...)
Anyhoo, Jeff celebrated his 2nd Father's Day today! We went to his favorite Japanese restaurant and spent the rest of the afternoon at home until evening church.
I forgot to get a picture till it was dark, so I was forced to use my flash :-/ But I just had to take a pic, not only to commemorate the day but also so I could compare it with last years Father's Day pic! Hayden has grown from this squirmy little infant into a little boy (Jeff has changed, too...well, his hair at least...) :) Oh, how we love this little one!

This is last years Fathers Day (as you can tell...)

And this was this year...

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