Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cloth diapering...a hobby?!?!

For those of you who don't know, I am a cloth diapering mama! Can I just say that I actually enjoy it? I have been using cloth diapers since Hayden was about 2 months old. Originally, I started doing it to save money (which I am all about) along with breastfeeding for 11 months and making my own baby food. But I found other, more fulfilling reasons for doing all 3 of those things somewhere along the way. But I won't get into all that right now! My point is that I actually enjoy using cloth diapers. I'm not sure if its the satisfaction that I am saving money and generating less waste or if it is just a little (dare I say) hobby for me! I am still using disposables at night to avoid leaks & so that my little man stays comfortable overnight. I also use them occasionally if a particular outfit simply doesn't fit over the somewhat bulky cloth diaper. Other than that, its all cloth for us!

Here are my favorite cloth diapers but they are a bit pricey at about $20 each, so we only have 4 and use them when we go out. They work so great! I wish my whole stash (as we call it in the cloth diapering world) were these!
So for at home, I just started using the old fashioned prefolds. It takes a little patience to use these, but I think I am getting the hang of it :)

You don't even have to use safety pins anymore thanks to this little thing called a Snappi! :)

And hopefully I will have this little rugrat potty trained before he gets a little brother or sister so that I won't have to cloth diaper for two which would probably be a bit more challenging! ;)


  1. I have a few of the "all-in-one" cloth diapers, but I haven't used them yet because they were too big. I need to try again soon. I am anxious to try them out. I am glad you started a blog! I have one too, It's fun!

  2. Oh, I'll have to follow ya! :) Yeah, it took me a couple months to get going on cloth with Hayden, but I gotta warn ya...once you start it kinda gets addicting! :)


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