Saturday, June 19, 2010

Extra Virgin

I love Olive Oil. It is perfect for cooking, dipping and tossing in salads. But I have discovered a new use for my beloved olive oil. For those who may not know, it makes a perfect polish for stainless steel! If you have the ultra popular stainless on your kitchen appliances as I do, you know that it is very hard to keep shiny and smudge free (especially with small children!) So, today I polished mine up with some e.v.o.o. (as Rachael Ray would say) and they look shiny and new! Even if it is just for an hour until Hayden puts his hands all over my fridge... ;)

Happy Saturday!

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  1. we have stainless and have a special cleaner for it that works well, but I will have to try this sometime.


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