Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jibber Jabber

Hayden just says the funniest things! He is learning more & more words and it is so cute! His favorite new thing to do is ask for a snack by saying 'mum-mum?' That is the name of a rice cracker that I give him and he calls all of his snacks mum-mums. But now, when he decides he wants a snack, he just starts saying, "mum-mum? mum-mum?" in the cutest little voice. I say, 'no, no' and he gets mad & goes "uhhhh!" Every time! It's so funny.
And he gets so excited when daddy comes home. He says "dada!" when he comes in the door. He also loves to say 'bye, bye.' Sometimes he even says it when people come in the door (we haven't mastered 'hi' yet...)
His favorite toys are balls and he loves to say 'baw' when he sees them. He gets so excited about the big red balls outside of Target & yells 'baw!' and then he wants to slap them and grins from ear to ear.
His fave word by far is 'uh, oh' which was one of his first words. He says it all the time when he drops something or throws something, or for any other reason that he can find to say it. :)
Then of course, there is my favorite word...'mama.' I love when I go to get him up from a nap and he is standing up saying 'mama, mama!'
I am still trying to get him to say 'thank you' since he has tried a few times to say it, but he hasn't quite got it down yet.
And this is a picture of my little man mid-yell. He likes to do that too :p

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