Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toddler Bed

We finally coverted Hayden's crib to a toddler bed since he started climbing out of it (we were afraid of him getting hurt.)

Normally he has about 3 more monkeys, a baby elephant ("awnee") and a pillow pet on his bed in addition to the sock monkey (the giant bear doesn't sleep with him, I just threw it up there) but the monkeys and pillow pet were getting a "baf" in the washer when I took these...
I am planning to re-decorate and give him a big boy room but I want to wait to do that until we move (if that ever happens...)  Anyway, I am planning to get him a twin size bed when I re-decorate.  But, this little bed will do for now.  He doesn't really like to stay in it, but we are working on that ;)

He loves to have a bed that he can play on...

He wanted to give it a good cleaning ;)
Someone is sleepy...
Goodnight, baby ;)

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