Thursday, July 8, 2010

My New Read :)

Well, I'm sad to say that I haven't really been much of a reader lately. It seems my days are consumed with chasing toddlers around, cleaning, laundry, feedings, diapers (you get the picture.) I also am admittedly a Facebook addict. I check it several times a day from my laptop that I keep handy in the living room. And when the kids are napping (and I'm not napping with them, which I often do) I will waste time on the computer because it's 'quiet' instead of doing something constructive.
I am also embarrassed to admit that my prayer life is far from what it should be. I keep myself busy with other things during the day and at night I am so tired by the time I actually get in bed that I often neglect my prayers. It is something that I have known I needed to work on for a while, so when I decided to start reading again, the choice to read 'Prayer' by Philip Yancey was an easy one.
My grandma is a huge fan of his and is always talking about how much she enjoys his books. She is actually the one who gave me this book quite a while ago. But I never got around to reading it. Well, I have read two chapters so far and I am enjoying it! I hope that it will help me in my quest for a better prayer life.


  1. You'll have to let me know what you think of it when you're done! I agree, prayer should be on the top of my list!!

  2. I will! You can even borrow it when I'm done if you want!

  3. I bought this book for my dad after I heard Bryan mention it a couple of times in sermons! I became an indian giver b/c I actually picked it up a couple of days after I gave it to him and started reading it, although I've only read the first chapter. But it seems really good and will help to understand what prayer should really look like!! Hope you enjoy it!! And hope I can pick it up again soon!! =)

  4. I LOVE to read! But sad to say I have done very little since learning I was expecting.
    I have never read anything by him though. Please let me know if it is a good read and I will put it on my list.
    I have too realized my prayer life is lacking, so currently I am on a fb fast. I SO love fb but realized it is often a time stealer for me and it is a temptation to be on it a lot during nap times when I could be have quiet times with the Lord.

  5. Ugh, I need a fb fast too! I waste a lot of time on there during naps or when he is playing. I could be doing devotions or praying during that time.


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