Monday, August 16, 2010

A few goodies ;)

I'm not sure how many of you reading this are as cRaZy obsessed with home decor as I am, but I could spend endless hours online looking for new ideas or ways to do a project I have in mind. In fact, I am currently re-decorating our bedroom (of course I will have before & after pics in an upcoming blog post!) It seems I always have new ideas floating around in my head, but most of them stay in my head since I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend every month re-decorating a new room. :(
I guess if I could have my 'dream job' it would be to stage model homes or homes for sale. I don't know if I would like decorating to someone else's taste (or dealing with 'clients', so that is why I would choose the more staging side of decorating.)
I remember when our house was being finished & we were in the process of buying it, I was obsessing over paint colors, hardwood floor finishes/colors, and new furniture choices. It was SO much fun. And when I was pregnant, I scoured the internet and magazines for ideas for a nursery. I was so excited to decorate our baby room. (I am already looking forward to decorating another nursery, but not yet!) ;)
Whew! Well, I said all this to say that I wanted to share a few of my fave interior design blogs. I get a lot of inspiration from design savvy women like the creators of these blogs. In fact, I got the idea for our front door from "It the little things..." and I am more than happy with the results!

(Please ignore the poor composition/quality of this pic! I just snapped a pic with my phone--as you can see in the reflection...)
Anyhoo, here are the links. Enjoy! And do share if you have any inspiring blogs that you love!

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