Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall!

So, I have been daydreaming about fall lately. Mostly about how I will decorate for the season. I love to decorate for Fall but money is a little tight this year so I will have to be creative. ;) And I can still dream, right? Here are a few great ideas I found online. I get a lot of inspiration from Pottery Barn (which is about all I get from them since they are a little out of my budget.) I just love looking through their catalog and getting ideas or drooling over things that I want.

Don't you just love this front entrance decor? So beautiful!
I thought this was a cute display for a harvest party...

I just love these pumkins!
Love this too :)
Well, I could probably post a million pictures of beautiful fall decor, but I think these will do for now ;) I am trying to wait a couple weeks to put anything up since fall doesn't officially start till the 22nd (I think.) And since it is still very much summer here and burning hot outside. Maybe that is why I am looking forward to fall so much?
P.S. This is a little off the subject, but I got a little plaque to go above my dresser mirror yesterday. I think it looks great in the room & I love the saying (even though it's cliche and everyone has it.) I had planned to do a vinyl cling wall saying (I am in love with those) but I ended up seeing this & decided to go with it instead. Anyhoo, here are a couple pics...

Well folks, that's it for now. Hope you're enjoying your last few days of summer!


  1. Um Kristen, I am beginning to think you and I are A lot alike. I ABSOLUTELY love fall. It is my favorite time and I LOOOOVE decorating my house for fall. I do the happy dance. The day I decorate for fall is one of the best days of the year for me seriously.

    Brian and I also have a sign in our room (above our headboard) that says always kiss me goodnight.It is decorated in red/gold...so has a very romantic feel in there.

  2. I think fall is a favorite season of many! There are so many things to love! And decorating for fall is super fun for me, too! I am always looking forward to breaking out with the fall stuff every year & getting tons of pumpkin, cider & apple candles to burn. I also love fall because that's when me & Jeff met & started liking each other :)


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