Sunday, August 29, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover (on a budget!)

Our room has been decorated the same for about two years & I was getting tired of it! However, I didn't want to spend the money re-decorating it so I decided to just leave it. But one day I was at Marshalls (on of my fave places) and fell in L.O.V.E. with some bedding that they had. I told myself that I didn't need it & left the store. But I kept thinking about it! I decided that if I wanted it that bad, then I should get it. So, the next day I went to Marshalls hoping that they still had it & they did! So, I happily bought it but soon realized that I would have to change a lot of things in my room to match the new bedding. I decided to do this as cheaply as possible and used a lot of things that I already had. I spent under $200 for everything including the bedding, curtains (cheap ones also from Marshalls that I am not thrilled with, but they will work for now) a lampshade, 3 picture frames, paint and glass knobs I had to have for my dresser that I got on clearance for $6!
We don't have a bedroom suit, so I previously painted our furniture to give it a more cohesive look. I am hoping to get new bedroom furniture in our next house, but what we have will do for now.
You will notice in the pics that our bed is flanked by two doors (the master bath & walk-in closet doors.) This doesn't leave a lot of options for furniture arrangement in addition to the fact that our room is pretty small, so I left everything where it was.
Well, enough of me jabbering away. Here are some before & after pics!


(view from standing in the doorway)

After! (first, some teasers) *wink*

bedroom art ;) I grabbed some shells that we found at the beach & snapped a few pics of them for some cheap art work!
It was not the original plan, but the style turned 'beachy.' I like it!
I painted this shelf & frames to give it a distressed look.
I love pillows! There are a total of 10 on the bed including the ones we actually sleep on ;) Takes me forever to make the bed! :p
My glass knobs that I love!
I had to keep my monogram, so I painted it with a somewhat distressed look to match the room & hung it in another spot.
I love this bed!
Ta-da ;)

Well there you have it, blog readers, our newly decorated room. I hope I can be happy with this decór till we move! ;)

I'm liking up to a GREAT blog party!


  1. oh. my. goodness.

    i loooooove the clean feeling this brings to this room!

  2. It looks very peaceful!!! Can't wait to get the old one though!!

  3. I love them both! We are in the planning stages of redecorating. My house is getting too small, so switching up the style seems to be what I need to live with it! :) The funny thing is, I just told Paul I wanted to do black and white in our bedroom so I can switch up the accent color. Red was my first choice! :) I am getting inspiration from the before and after photos. You are so good at decorating!

  4. Love the beachy, clean feeling of the room. great bedspread you can keep forever, and use it for a guest bed when you're tired of it!!

  5. Thanks all! :) Ashley, I know what you mean! I want a bigger house super bad, but I guess a little re-decorating will have to do for now ;)

  6. Looks great! The color combo and all the accessories work really well together. The artwork and pillows are my favorite things about this room.

  7. That turned out great. I thought the before was nice too. I want to do our bedroom as well. I get tired of stuff quick, and you must too. I feel like my Mom still has the same stuff she had when I was a kid, and I am like 27, ok 36 but you get my drift. I'm a new follower

  8. Thanks, guys! Decor4poor, happy to have you as a follower! :)

  9. I hopped over here from Thrifty Decor Chick. This bedroom is so serene and the colors are so tranquil. Love all the personal touches.

    I also ADORE the fact that you have 10 pillows on your bed. I have 9. :)


  10. So pretty - totally worth the 20 minutes for pillow fluffing ;)

  11. wow total transformation! Like it!

  12. I too saw this bedding at Marshall's and HAD to have it! I think that it makes for a really relaxing master! One question . . . we have found that the comforter wrinkles very easily. We sit on the bed on occasion and read. Now it never looks crisp, just wrinkled. Does yours do that too? Any suggestions?

  13. It does tend to wrinkle easily. I usually use a water bottle with a fine mist and spray water on the wrinkles, then smooth them out with my hands. It works pretty well :)

  14. Fabulous idea!! I will give it a try! I'm a new follower and I love your blog!

  15. Welcome! Glad to have you as a follower and I'm happy you like my little blog! :)

  16. You did a great job with the Before and After rooms I need you to come help me with my new home LOL


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